Monday, June 29, 2009

Malaysia Teamwork Training - Fun & Results Focus - Advance Industires Sdn. Bhd.

Training Topic: Teaming For Excellence
Date: 16 &17 August 2008
Venue: Selesa Hill Resort, Bukit Tinggi
No. of participants: 35 pax

Effective team work is achieved only through a deep understanding of people and work culture. A greater awareness of these factors will in turn generate high productivity and profitability for the benefit of the organization. To discharge the employees’ work motivation and team dynamics, they must be re-trained and motivated to enhance company’s values, possess higher work commitment, positive work mindset and teambuilding skills.

Management Training Malaysia - Stress Management - RHB Bank Berhad

Training Topic: De-Stress for Success
Date: 14 May 2009

Venue: RHB Learning Centre

No.of participants: 200 pax

In our daily work lives, we always face the prospect of having too little time and too many things to accomplish. Juggling the daily stresses of family and work requires us to continuously cope with whatever workloads. 

In our daily interaction with others, we also face stresses due to communication breakdown and datelines. Are we able to self-manage and overcome stressful situations without being stressed out? This one day interesting and interactive training help them enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions to manage themselves, learn new ways to handle stress to achieve peak results and to de-stress as well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Malaysia Team Builidng Training - Experiential Learning

Training Topic : Building Towards Champion Team
Date : 12 & 13 June 2009

Venue : Avilli
on Resort, Port Dickson
No. of Pax : 50 


During the hardest of times, the best leaders focus on their team mates. 2009 can be a year of challenges or it can be a year of breakthrough. We can choose to control what we can which is our PEOPLE.


High Performance Team Building is the winning solution! A great awareness and commitment to company, team and team members will generate high productivity and profitability for the organization to weather through the challenge of global economy turmoil. Recently, we have just completed an unforgettable and valuable learning experience team building session for F&N Dairies at Avillion Resort, Port Dickson. During this 2 days 1 night session, all the participants have recharged their energy, raised motivation and sense of belongings to the company. 


Through this action-based and experiential learning, participants built trust, enhanced motivation and committed to achieve greater results as a CHAMPION team.