Friday, January 16, 2009

Malaysia Team Building - Good Team, Great Leader - Putrajaya Holdings

Training Topic : Teaming For Excellence
Dates : 7-9 November 2008
Venue : A'Famosa Resort, Melaka
Number of Participant : 28 pax

Just to share with everyone the 3rd batch of team building for Putrajaya Holdings which was held sometime in Nov 2008, organized by Asia Bigwave at A' Famosa Resort , Malacca.

This 3 days / 2 nights experiential team building workshop give an unforgettable and valuable learning experience for participants to apply and appreciate company's value, achieve a common goal and company's objectives.

Effective team work is achieved through a deep understanding of people and work culture. A greater awareness of these factors will in turn generate high productivity and profitablity for the benefit of the organization. To discharge the employees' work motivation and team dynamics, they must be re-trained and motivated to enhance company values, posses higher work commitment, positive work mind set and team building skills.

Through action-based and experiential learning, participants have built trust, enhanced effective work relationship, improved interpersonal communication, leadership and customer service skills in dealing problems, and committed to achieve greater results as a team.

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